Want Results? Focus On Habits, Not On Finding Motivation

Photo credit: Leslie Hooper

“Results have very little to do with goals and nearly everything to do with systems.” James Clear

Holy moly this is the truth… Having goals isn’t enough. Having knowledge isn’t enough. Having motivation isn’t enough. You can have all those things, but without taking consistent action, you won’t see results.

I was talking with one of the ladies that I coach the other day, and she couldn’t believe it when I told her I was a terrible procrastinator up until about 8 years ago. I’m talking full blown procrastinator—late bills, dishes piled in the sink, clothes washed but never put away, always last minute for everything… you get the idea.

So what made the difference? Systems and habits. I told her that the key to being able to consistently get stuff done effectively now is nothing more than knowing my areas of weakness and putting a specific plan into place to hold myself accountable to follow through (system). Then rinse and repeat (habit).

I also don’t believe I’ll ever not be a procrastinator. I think it’s very similar to being an addict. You’re never going to not be one. Instead, you just learn how to keep yourself from sliding back into old ways. Habits are key. When a bill comes, I pay it right then (if it isn’t already set up to auto pay which is even better). Dirty dishes get washed as soon as I am done with them, or they get rinsed and go right into the dishwasher. As soon as the dryer goes off, I fold all my clothes and put them all away.

I have a system.

I decide in advance.

I formulate a specific plan.

There is absolute clarity about details.

No wiggle room = no room for error or excuses.

Want more on habit change?
1/ Go follow @hooper.fit on Instagram if you don’t already. You can find her blog here.
2/ Buy @james_clear‘s book Atomic Habits (where the quote came from) and subscribe to his blog (jamesclear.com) for more awesome habit info.
3/ Keep showing up here 😉

| Kaci

Reader Questions:
1/ What’s you best tip for overcoming procrastination?
2/ Do you intentionally work on building habits and systems?


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