1 Minute {Low Carb} Meal, Learning Carb Cycling, +Kitchen Tip!

So I’m currently in a 6 week program designed to help with learning more about carb timing / carb cycling and how to utilize it for optimizing your training and reaching next level physique goals.
Carb cycling and timing is something that I have wanted to learn more about for a while now. Even as a highly educated individual with a degree in nutrition and a medical degree, I felt overwhelmed by going at it alone. Macros for performance are a whole different terrain than basic macro I know it is something that I could figure out on my own, but I decided to invest in a coach for the process for several reasons.
1/ It would take me a lot longer to do the research and develop a plan on my own. I’m bad about second guessing myself.
2/ I just don’t have the extra mental bandwidth to devote to doing the research on my own right now.
To me, it just made sense to pay someone to assist with an area I wasn’t as familiar with yet… Even coaches need coaches! More to follow once I have completed the program!

If you’re looking for an easy and quick meal idea, this is for you. I has as my low carb pre-workout breakfast, but it works well for breakfast or lunch and can be dressed up with whatever fun toppings you’d like!
Most grocery stores now carry pre-prepared boxes of lettuce leaves which are designed to be used for wraps, but you can always buy a head of lettuce of your choice and prep your own.
For the wraps:
-2-3 oz of lean lunch meat of choice (I used no salt added Boarshead turkey)
-1 oz of cheese of choice (I used full fat extra sharp cheddar since my pre-workout meal called for me to include protein and fat)
-3 lettuce leaves large enough to use as wraps
-Optional toppings if desired (mustard, tomato, hummus, etc.)
Divide toppings between the leaves and devour!

I promised you a kitchen tip too!
Wilted lettuce or greens is never fun. #ProTip: Wrap your lettuce (or salad greens) in paper towels so that they stay fresh all week.
wrap meal prep
I also pre-prep the toppings so I’m even more streamlined in the morning.



Reader questions:
1/ Have you ever done an online training / coaching program?
2/ Have you ever had a coach calculate custom macros in order to learn more about nutrient timing?

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