Falling in Love With The Process {ToL}


I love this quote by Jim Kwik. It is so loaded!

You can listen to the Podcast episode it came from here.

We all want results, but how many of us are actually willing to do the work required for the desired outcome?

I have good news and bad news. Are you ready for it?

First, the bad news: There is no magic bullet, quick fix, or shortcut to success. While the lottery winner’s mentality works on rare occasion, even in the rare event you win, you still lose. Yes, you read that right. You lose in the long run because you won’t reap the rewards of the hard work—that is, who you become and the lessons learned in the process—when you do find that rare shortcut to success.

The bottom line: “’Easy’ is earned.” –Jade Teta

Ok, now the good news: There’s a better way. What is it? You fall in love with the process of becoming, rather than chasing the elusive “perfect outcome.”

As Jade also says, “You know you’ve arrived when arrival is no longer the goal.”

What’s the point of running a race? If you said reaching the finish line, I’d argue that you’re wrong. The purpose of running the race is: 1/ The growth process that occurs as you train and 2/ The realization that you are capable of something even bigger once you do cross that finish line. Meaning that you grow and you become motivated to pursue even more growth. Reaching the finish line actually just becomes another piece of the journey.

Here is where it gets really heavy: The alternative is a dead end to self-improvement. 

Take a moment and let that sink in. If you are running a race (i.e. pursuing anything) for the attainment of the product, rather than the value within the pursuit, it will usually end in disappointment. Attach your excitement to all the things you discover on the path and do not hang your self-worth on the outcome itself.

| Kaci

Reader Questions:
1/ Have you ever trained for a race or another big competition? If so, what was the biggest learning point you experienced?
2/ What is something you chose to practice, both for the process itself and for the larger outcome?

Thanks to Amanda for hosting the linkup!

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  1. Very interesting way of thinking. It seems like we’re all working so hard to get to some destination, but it’s a great idea to encourage falling in love with the actual process of getting there!

    1. Exactly! More joy, less stress that way 🙂

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