Kaci’s Currents {April 2017}


Time for another round in the series designed to help you get to know me better!

After last month’s deviation from the typical Kaci’s Currents, I’m back with the usual!

kcKaci’s Currents are mini recap posts designed to give you a glimpse into what’s flowing through my life at the present time and the impact it’s having.

So, you wanna know what’s making waves in my world, see what’s splashing around in my head, and read what’s rockin’ my boat right now?

You’ve come to the right place!

So grab your flippers, and let’s dive in!



Current Spiritual:
For the last few months, I have been loving utilizing the SOAP method of scriptural study for my morning quiet times. It is a method that Faith first introduced me to. It helps me to really dig into the word and find an application from the chapter that I read each morning. I find that having something to anchor my mind to during the day has been strengthening my ability to stay in tune with the Holy Spirit, despite the busy rush and chaos of everyday life and work.


Current Nutrition:
I have been experimenting some with carb timing and carb quantity. Trying to hone in on what my carb tipping point is. The carb tipping point is a term coined by the founders of Metabolic Effect. See here and here for a good explanation.

My body tends to use muscle and carbs as fuel. Basically this means that my body readily breaks down my muscle for fuel and as a result, my physique tends to shift toward the skinny-fat look if I am not careful. Obviously, since I am working toward building a more toned and solid muscular look—which is what I find attractive—this is not what I want to happen! My goal with this dietary adjustment experiment is to be able to fine tune my body’s ability to burn fat and carbs for fuel, rather than muscle. Hoping this allows me to build and hold muscle with less difficulty than I have experienced in the past. For more info on burner types, go here. I’m a muscle burner, in case you wondered 😉


Current Training:
I was lucky enough to participate in the beta testing of Jill Coleman’s new program #FastPhysique*. After dipping my toe in, I knew I wanted to commit to the full program as soon as she launched it. As you know, I have been doing mostly 20-30 minute RBT style workouts for a few months, so the idea of committing to a more hard core program seemed like the right change to infuse some fresh energy into my routine.

Fast Physique* is a 9 week, 6 day per week program that looks like this:

  • 4 days a week you are doing what Jill calls the 10-10-15-5 protocol. You do a 10 minute cardio primer (designed to get you into fat burning mode), then a 10 minute heavy compound lift (my inner body-builder rejoices), 15 minutes of RBT style circuits (great for hormonal fat loss and physique change), and then a 5 minute burn-out for the specific muscle group (further encourages hormonal stimulation for fat loss and muscle building).
  • 1 day a week you do a metabolic conditioning workout (i.e. heavy weights in RBT style format).
  • 1 day a week you are doing a sprint style workout (treadmill, stepmill, elliptical, track, etc.).

*Affiliate link. If you decide to purchase, there’s no additional cost to you, and I earn a small commission which helps offset the cost of this blog and allows me to share information for free to you.


Current Reads:
Daring Greatly: by Brené Brown
Based on the famous speech by Theodore Roosevelt, Brené has collected years of field research from individuals and organizations to share her thoughts on what it really means to practice vulnerability and why it is so important to our success in all areas of life.

  • “What we know matters, but who we are matters more.”
  • “Sometimes the simple act of humanizing problems sheds an important light on them.”
  • “The willingness to show up changes us. It makes us a little braver each time.”

Think Like A Freak: by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dunbar
I haven’t read any of the other books by the authors, but this was our monthly book club read for my mentorship program. I love the way the authors use stories to explain an entirely new approach to solving problems, creative thinking, and mental hacking. Whether for personal development, business growth, or positive social influence, this book will has information you don’t want to miss. I also discovered that there is a coordinating podcast!


Current Work:
Busy! Still working with the Cardiovascular Health Initiative grant I mentioned before. Also hoping to work more routinely with the local Wise Woman (Well-Integrated Screening and Evaluation for WOMen Across the Nation) program (see here and here for more details). I have been invited to speak to the participants in June and I am pumped about outlining my ideas around the topic I choose! This could be a big opportunity to put some of my skills and passions to good use!



Reader Questions:
1/ What wonderful thing has happened in your world this last month?
2/ Have you read any good books lately that I should look into?


Thanks to Amanda for hosting the linkup!

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