Mother’s Day: An Open Thank You Letter to My Mom

In honor of Mother’s Day, I’m dedicating a blog post to just one reader. I’m sure the other 3 of you *ahem* rest of you will understand. 😉

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Mommy Lady,

Between work, being a wife, and attempting to do my best at being an adult, I don’t get to spend as much time with you as we both would like. That doesn’t change the place you have in my heart.

I hope you know just how much you are appreciated. Even if you do, I wanted to tell you thank you… 

For making breakfast before we left in the morning and dinner when we got home—on top of working a full time job.

For teaching me how to do laundry.

For making me Beef Wellington for pretty much every birthday or special meal by request after I first tried it.

For making green bean casserole at every birthday / holiday / as often as we could get you to in between.

For driving me to my bowling league every Saturday for years—even though we lived so far away that we had to drive to another state.

For STAYING during the entire three games each Saturday because I was too shy to stay by myself.

For picking me up from band practice and football games several times a week until I started hitching rides from friends/got my own car.

For driving me to church every Sunday and Wednesday until I had my own car.

For being a chauffer in general…

For helping me get my first car.

For teaching me to drive in the pasture!

For choosing to marry daddy.

For being brave enough to move across the state to marry him.

For the opportunity to grow up on a farm.

For not getting us cable TV―even if I wasn’t happy about it at the time!

For reading to me at bedtime.

For hiding the dinosaur egg in my bed so I would think Monster had a baby monster 😂

For teaching me not to be afraid of reptiles.

For sewing a dress for my doll—I know you hated sewing.

For letting me play with my friends in the pop-up camper when they came over. It was they best play house ever.

For making my friends feel welcome and giving us a safe place to hang out as teenagers. We always had so much fun that we never had the urge to look for trouble.

For keep a huge stock of food on hand at all times to feed them!

For doing a perfect job of balancing enough room that I knew you trusted me with enough concern that I knew you cared.

For teaching me the value of work, even if it meant you had to drive me to get there.

For loving animals and being as excited as the rest of us about having so many pets.

For setting aside money for my college education, just in case I needed it.

For putting up with my 8,275,416,852 changes in major and getting excited about every one of them.

For driving to another state to be with me when I had my wisdom teeth out.

For driving back again a day after you had gotten home when I had a mini meltdown and panicked about everything that was going on.

For staying with me in my studio apartment until all the anesthesia wore off/I came to my senses and decided I didn’t need to change schools and start over in order to create happiness for myself.

For taking care of me when I was sick. I still don’t know how people clean up puke.

For summer family trips to places that most people don’t get to visit as adults, let alone as kids.

For always making a big deal out of birthdays.

For making the holidays special—even though Santa’s real identity got revealed prematurely by accident!

For being so patient with everyone you interact with.

For your “Mama, Mama Loves You” song.

For holding family meetings. It let us know we all had valuable and important opinions and taught us how to value the opinions of others.

For letting me keep Blankie way past the point a child should have one, and for performing emergency surgery on it when Kodiak tried to destroy it.

For always “fixing the moon.”

For being willing to drive so far for me to visit my dad.

For putting up with Birdie the parrot’s ramlings.

For putting up with Pete’s Dragon.

For reading my blog, so I know at least one person does 😂

I hope everyone has a wonderful Mother’s Day! I’ll see you Sunday Mommy Lady!!

| Byrdie (aka Kaci)

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  1. lynnembw says:

    Thank you Byrdie. You made me cry. Mama Mama loves you!

  2. That is so wonderful. It is amazing how much your mom did for you, isn’t it? There are things in there I did not know about my dear friends. Love you and love your blog. I never heard of “Mama, Mama Loves You” song. I hope she will sing it for me when she’s here and I can pick it out on the piano!

    1. She is the absolute best ❤

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