Kaci’s Currents {January 2017} {ToL #5}

This is a new series that I’ll be doing in order to help you get to know me better!


Kaci’s Currents will be a kind of mini recap post designed to give you a glimpse into what’s flowing through my life at the present time and the impact it’s having.

So, you wanna know what’s making waves in my world, see what’s splashing around in my head, and read what’s rockin’ my boat right now?

You’ve come to the right place.

Grab your Speedos and let’s dive in!

Current Spiritual:
Each year my church, does a fast during the first month of January. Our pastor always does a vision casting series in conjunction with this time of fasting. I truly believe in the value that this has in the context of setting up our church family to successfully follow God’s vision and plan for the year, rather than rely on best human intentions. Last year I did a 10 day Daniel fast, and this year the church is doing a 21 day Daniel fast. The reason for following this outline for fasting is scriptural-based, and if you’re interested in learning more you can listen to/watch the sermon here. We are encouraged to follow this plan because it provides a scripturally-based structure which aligns with the purpose of vision casting. However they do encourage us to seek the Lord on any specific things God is calling us to fast from if it is other than this plan. All that to say that I am following the protocol for the Whole 30.

I am doing so for several reasons:

1/ When meditating on what to do as part of my fasting and seeking, the Whole 30 immediately came to mind, and immediately my flesh was defensive. To me, this is a clear sign that indicated it was exactly what I am meant to be doing for the fast.

2/ Some medical circumstances led me to believe that an elimination diet may be beneficial to discerning if symptoms are related to food intolerance(s) and/or dietary habits which may be considered “healthy,” but which are not necessarily suited for or serving me best. I will be sharing more on this once I am able to work through the results.

3/ Our relationship with food, especially habits associated with and surrounding it, are tied deeply to the spiritual, physical, and emotional parts of us as humans. Often in ways we do not recognize until we are able to step back, observe, and evaluate objectively. I needed to make some positive changes to my current relationship with food (i.e. to gain insight into if I was eating out of habit, emotion, or what was supposedly the “best way” versus what is actually best for my health, personally).

Current Work:
I started a year-long mentorship program called Best of You with Jill Coleman that I have wanted to do for several years now. The ultimate goal is to align what I’m doing at my day job at MCHD with the things I feel that the Lord is leading me to do. I want to be able to share this kind of information with others on a daily basis and with greater impact. Stay tuned for more on this. I cannot wait to expand on more of the details at a later time as far as how this program, along with the spiritual reliance on God from the fast have led to boldness, breakthroughs, and progress!

Current Nutrition:
As I mentioned, I’m doing the Whole30. I’ve wanted to do this program for a while, but just never had the discipline to follow through on it until I placed it in the context of spiritual and physical needs. See what it involves here.

I’ve been surprised at how much this has actually simplified the process of meal preparation for my week. I guess I expected for something that was a change from my usual routine to require a lot more thought, effort, and planning. The reality is that when you’re eating whole foods, you don’t have to do a whole lot of extra work as long as you do your planning. I have been trying to streamline my meal prep so that I can free myself up to do more work on my goals, so this has been an unexpected blessing.

Current Training

Still incorporating the Metabolic Effect / rest based training style workouts, mostly using Jill Coleman’s TreadLift (note: affiliate link, but a program I purchased and used long before requesting the privilege of promoting it!) and Total Training Experience archived workouts. I’m doing these about 2-4 times a week and doing a lot more walking. Sometimes with higher intensity using my weight vest and fast paced,  other times at leisure pace for restoration as I go through the Whole30. Really trying to allow my body a chance to process everything that’s going on nutritionally and give it a little bit more wiggle room to heal. On days that I feel like it would not be detrimental to energy and stress levels, I’m incorporating the rest based training workouts. I love weight lifting and high intensity exercise. Both for the efficiency of results and the mental rewards. I will be interviewing one of my peers to share and explain more about rest based training. Look out for that post in the future!

Current Reads

It Starts With Food by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig (Audible book). I started reading this to gain better insight into everything that’s been going on physically and as recon into what to expect for the remainder of the program. Also for the purpose of being able to share my personal experiences, insights, and observations in scientific context once I have completed the program. I’ll then begin to do some recap posts to share here.

How Successful People Think by John C. Maxwell (Hardcover book). I’m reading this as part of my Best Of You mentorship program. Jill recommends one book to read each month as an optional “book club” component to the mentorship program. I was so excited to receive this one in the mail from her personally with a handwritten card! Also excited that this read was by a faith-based author.
So there you have it! A little bit of my January to chew on. I hope you have enjoyed reading and that it has helped you to feel like you know me a little bit better.

| Kaci

Reader Questions:
1. Have you ever done a fast?
2. How about a Whole 30?

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. I tried the Whole 30 thing for a week. I couldn’t do it… I need carbs. LOL! I do believe that it’s a good thing for some, but we’re all snowflakes.

    It Starts With Food is a GREAT book!

    1. Haha! Yeah, I’m definitely eating a lot of sweet potatoes… even more than usual. I totally agree that not all things work for all people.

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