Cookies & Dreams Protein Truffles {#Quest Recipe} +WIAW #3

I have a few QUESTions for you:

Do you love cookies and cream? Do you ever get attacked by late night snack cravings? Do those cravings involve your sweet tooth? Do you ever want to give in, but still stay conscious of your macros?

Well, then I have some very good news…I have the answer! With these truffles you can satisfy your cravings while supporting muscle growth! The use of casein makes these truffles the perfect late night treat… without the guilt!

First off…shameless self plug. Yup. #SorryNotSorry.

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Cookies & Dreams Protein Truffles


  • 2 scoops (60 g) Vanilla Casein
  • 8-10 TBSP Unsweetened Almond Milk, divided
  • 1 Quest Cookies and Cream Bar
  • Optional: Vanilla Stevia, to taste (you may not need this at all depending on your protein powder)


1. Start by crumbling your Quest bar into small pieces. Set aside half of the crumbles, and place half of the crumbles in a microwave safe bowl with 4 TBSP of the almond milk (and sweetener, if using).

2. Heat in 10 second intervals, stirring each time, until the quest bar pieces are mostly melted into the milk. This should take about 40 seconds total.

3.  To the melted mixture, add the 2 scoops of casein and mix as best you can with a spoon. It will still be too dry to mold at this point.

4. Add almond milk, 1 TBSP at a time, and kneed the mixture like dough with your hands (food handling gloves make this easier). Stop adding almond milk when you get dough you can mold. You may not need all of the almond milk depending on your protein powder.

5.  Kneed the remaining quest crumbles into the dough.

6.  Divide and roll into desired size balls. I got 15 truffles from my dough.

7.  You can eat them right away, but I recommend chilling them first in the refrigerator for 30-60 minutes. Enjoy!

Note: Any leftovers (*laughs*) should keep for several days in the fridge. You could also make several batches and freeze, in which case, they should keep well for several months.

Macros: Per Truffle (Based on 9 TBSP almond milk. Also, may vary depending on your protein powder): 28kcals, 4.6g protein, 1.7g carbs (out of which 1g is fiber) and 0.6g fat!

Now that that is out of the way…On to the rest of my WIAW eats!


Breakfast: This recipe from Luice topped with a runny egg! Yum!

My hubby commented on my weird food …how is an omelette weird?! Breakfast #StrangeButGood

(Not pictured: Starbucks Pike Place Coffee). I enjoy mine with cinnamon brewed in the grounds (something one of my former co-workers shared with me), plus 1 tsp coconut oil, splenda, and vanilla stevia drops. Slightly bulletproof?

Post-Workout: (Not pictured) I made some of Lindsay’s PB Coconut Trail Mix Bites in bar form. My favorite flavor!


Morning Snack: New yogurt flavor I am loving! Mango Lemonade! It is a limited edition I found, but man do I hope they keep it! Topped it with 2 TBSP Ezekiel Cinnamon Raisin Cereal, Honey Roasted Cinnamon, and Honey Roasted Vanilla almonds!

I also love Toasted Coconut when I can find them. Have you tried any of them?


Lunch: Apple and Gouda Cheese Chicken Sausage, sweet potato, and green beans topped with a new find! Blue Cheese Mustard! It was so yum! I mixed it with nutritional yeast. Condiment #StrangeButGood.

butternut protein muffins

Afternoon Snack: this recipe for protein pumpkin cinnamon rolls, but I subbed butternut squash and made a triple batch. Hidden veggie #StrangeButGood!

Next time I’ll try it as instructed …with pumpkin. It was a little dry with the squash. I was just using up my leftovers.

Tuna Spinach Salad

Dinner: Spinach Salad with Tuna, snap peas, broccoli slaw, almonds, and a boiled egg. Home-made salad dressing (another condiment #StrangeButGood). It’s my new go-to salad dressing.

Italian Herb and Honey Goat Cheese Dressing (1 serving):

Night-Time Snack: The above truffles!

Also not pictured is the ridiculous amount of water I consume.

Link up time! Several #StrangeButGood-ies for my WIAW, plus some recipes!


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Thanks to Jenn for hosting WIAW!

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Thanks to Laura for hosting #StrangeButGood!


Thanks to Kierston for hosting #RecipeFriday!

| Kaci

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  1. cottercrunch says:

    oh you are genius! i need to make those quest bites next!

    1. You can never go wrong with cookies and cream!

  2. Love those quest bites. And blue cheese mustard?! YUM!

    1. I love finding fun mustard varieties! It is so good…whoever came up with it is brilliant!

  3. Kierston says:

    Yum!! Thanks for linking up to #RECIPEFRIDAY!

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