Self-Awareness Makes A Massive Impact!

📊 Tracking your macros…
🏋🏻‍♀️ Pushing for progressive overload…
💳 Sticking to a budget…
🍽 Assessing how your body responds to certain foods…
⚒ Sharpening a new skill…

Don’t just “trust the process,” be ENGAGED in the process!

Awareness → Revealed Gaps → Fill With Developed Skills → Net Better Outcomes

By being consistent with choices and behaviors, you stand to identify trends which are useful to inform decisions moving forward. But consistency is only one piece of the process. Unless you add awareness to the equation, you’ll only be taking shots in the dark.

Awareness is you gaining control of what your body is doing so that you get results FASTER.

By increasing your awareness, you increase accuracy. This gives you the opportunity to train OPTIMIZED behavior patterns into your day.

Optimized behaviors practiced consistently net better outcomes.

🚨 It’s not about perfection; it’s about precision! 🚨

TL/DR: Weighing your peanut butter my crush your soul a little bit, but it will also allow you to crush your goals! Read Michael Easter’s book The Comfort Crisis for more!

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| Kaci

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