#KaciDoesKickStart — That’s A Wrap + What’s Next!

For those who have been following #KaciDoesKickstart (my journey through the Trevor Kashey Nutrition KickStart Course), I wanted to give an update and exciting news! I have officially completed the 12 week program and even earned 100% on my grade in the course! Wasn’t easy. Was totally worth the effort!

That said, I’m planning to do a video outlining all the details of the KickStart program basics and would love to answer any questions that you might have about it! Nothing is off-limits, so drop your questions below if you want me to include them in my video!

So what’s next? I will be transitioning into the Private Client Cognitive Nutrition program! Now that I’ve laid the foundation with the Kashey methodology and framework, I’m excited to dig in and go deep. I’m ready to go next-level and amplify my results alongside the CNC team and with Dr. Kashey himself managing my nutrition!

P.S. If you’re reading this and you think you might want to join the next round of KickStart, let’s chat about getting you set up for success! Head 👉🏼 here 👈🏼 and we can see if the course would be a good fit to help you achieve your goals and ultimately, live a life you experience as worth living!

| Kaci

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