2022 Agenda

📖 Finish and publish my 2nd book #WhatCanBeGainedBook – 25k+ word manuscript is already a good working start

🏠Start a real estate venture with the hubby – 1st property under verbal contract and a few more possible properties in the works

📈Gain 5 lbs with solid recomp – more is the goal, but that’s the target as of now

🍽 Continue to increase maintenance macros – I’m already up 240ish kcal from my starting point with @Trevor_Kashey_Nutrition

✈️ Meet the TKN team in person – trip planned for June

💰Stack up $10k savings above my former maintenance in my bank account – I’m halfway back to that starting point since I quit practicing medicine so this will be a stretch, but I’m focused

🛁 Remodel the master bath – currently working on the other bathroom remodel

🏋🏻‍♀️Gym PRs – Add at least 10 lbs to my bench, 15 lbs to my OH press, and 25 lbs to my squat and deadlifts

🏃🏻‍♀️Work on my 5k time – I go through fits and starts with jogging and would like to be more consistent this year, even if it’s just adding one minute per day to the length of time I devote to it a couple days a week

✝️ Faith-based coaching ministry – I no longer do 1:1 coaching since joining full-time with TKN, but we have some fun things coming with Dashing Dish

Your turn! Tell me what you want to accomplish in 2022👇🏼

| Kaci

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