#KaciDoesKickStart – Focus On Systems + Processes!

In the KickStart program, I am learning to do things on purpose and with purpose. One of the ways I’ve learned to do that is through collecting data so that I can make the most informed decisions about how my body responds to stimuli I give it. The reason why it is so important to me is because it helps me remain objective and trust that right actions will eventually produce positive changes. This perspective helps me remain committed to following through on my intentions by saying “yes” to myself while I’m waiting to see the changes manifest. It also allows me to focus on the processes instead of being emotionally driven and focused on outcomes—which may or may not turn out as I expect which is totally ok!

I choose to work on systems and processes that move me in the direction of my goals and they go to work for me. I simply focus on becoming the person required to achieve success, and in the process, something freaking powerful happens—I create a life I experience as worth living!

I like the scientific method:
Behavior → Measure → Analyze → Optimize… then rinse and repeat! Each time I repeat the process, it becomes more refined. As a natural byproduct, my outcomes ALSO improve without me having to focus on them at all!

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