🕰 How To Transform Your Life In 10 Minutes A Day (+Freebie!)

Transforming your life seems complicated, but you really can simplify it down and see massive changes!


🕰How To Transform Your Life In 10 Minutes A Day:

  • Get alone with God.
  • Read / listen to a book.
  • Go for a walk.
  • Journal / write.

All of these are keystone habits which don’t seem like much, but when stacked upon one another, can completely change the trajectory of your life. Chances are good that once the habit of 10 minutes a day is in place, it will expand. The positive changes that ripple throughout every are of your life. They spark confidence and joy, which in turn, motivate you to implement other good habits and further compounds your results. Implement these things daily and I can absolutely assure you that your life will change.

You don’t have to start with all of them either. Even just one. Start where you can. I’d place priority on spending quiet time with the Lord (if you aren’t already doing this daily), but form there add one at a time. See where they lead. The first 3 are very open ended in what the outcome looks like, but the last one is a guarantee…

Walking might turn into jogging and then one day even training for a marathon. Or it might lead to trying a class at the gym and then eventually into realizing you want to become a personal trainer.

Journaling might lead you to understand yourself more and becoming aware of habits that are harmful and then laying them down. Or you may decide you have a lot to say and want to share with others so you start a blog and then one day even write a book.

Reading might spark new ideas for a creative hobby that you really enjoy and maybe at some point it even turns into a side hustle or a business down the road. Or maybe it opens you up to meeting new people and discovering new places that perhaps leads to deciding you want to travel the world.

Spending daily time with the Lord will lead to a deeper understanding of Who God is and how much He cares about you. It will change the way you see and feel about yourself and others and this will impact every decision that you make moving forward. It will teach you to lay down the good in order to focus on the best. It will teach you the fruit of the Spirit and the value of your time on earth.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of keystone habits, but I find that they apply cross the board for most people.

Reminder Prompts!


In case you want to print them and stick them somewhere as reminders to practice your habit, you can download these images as a PDF by clicking Habit Prompts! I pray these are helpful to you!!

P.S. If you have questions, concerns, or thoughts around this subject, please feel free to share here in the comments, or reach out to me directly here if you prefer to discuss things privately! Or, if you know you need help with tackling habits 1:1 and want to schedule a call or jump into 1:1 coaching, you can do that too!

Are you ready? Let’s get growing!


Reader Questions:
1️⃣ Do you have one you’d add to the list?
2️⃣ Which if these would you add first?

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