Kaci’s Friday Find — I Deserve A Donut App by Barb Raveling


This week I wanted to share a resource that I came across for those who may be struggling with eating behaviors related to either emotional eating triggers or lies from the enemy / world. This is a free app designed to help with understanding and breaking eating for reasons other than to hunger and nourishment. Rather than just giving you a tactic to use in the moment, it is based on scripture and renewing the mind. See the explanation from Barb below.

I love that it was designed by a Christian author / blogger, so I can recommend it to clients knowing that it will all be correct Biblical actions and solutions! Even if you are not someone who follows the Christian faith, I believe it would still be valuable in breaking lies that society tells you about your body image and food.

The app basically walks you through figuring out what the reasoning behind your choice to eat for reasons other than hunger might be. Then once you identify the reason, it walks you through questions to help you dig down to the root, deal with the heart of the issue, and overcome the stronghold.

It is broken down into two different categories: lies that make you eat and emotions that make you eat. You can see examples below of both in my screenshots.


Once you select the appropriate reason, you are walked through a list of questions which you can see below.



These questions are designed to help you really analyze what’s going on, capture your thoughts and make them obedient to Christ, and then renew the process from the inside out.

Make sure you check out Barb’s site for links to her other amazing resources. Her blog, books, and podcasts are all wonderful tools as well!

Reader Questions:
1/ Do you think this would be helpful?
2/ Do you have any resources like this that you recommend?

If you need some help digging deeper and want to talk it out, you can book a call with me here!

Are you ready? Let’s get growing!

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