Five Tips For Strengthening Your Prayer Life {FTT17}

1️⃣ Pray “circle prayers.” I read a book a few years back called The Circle Maker by @MarkBatterson. In it he described a way of “praying circles” around things. This involves the process of praying for things over and over again until you see them come to fruition. While this method can be used for smaller prayers, it is most powerful and effective on those things which you know are larger-than-life callings of God in your life. Things so big that it can cause you to abandon them if you feel like they are impossible. By praying circles around them, you stay committed to partnering with God and build your belief in the fact that you will see them come to life.

2️⃣ Pray specific prayers. Often times we are vague with requests praying this like: “Lord, if it is Your will, let ____ happen,” or “Lord help me with ____.” Instead, pray like this: “Lord, will You do ____ so that ____.” Praying over things with purpose helps us to see with a better perspective, helps us to clarify the situation were praying about, and helps strengthen our belief in why it actually matters to God and to ourself. God answers purposeful prayers.

3️⃣ Pray scripture-based prayers. Often times it can feel like we don’t know what to pray, or even how. Scripture is packed full of wonderful prayers which can be specifically applicable to all kinds of situations. When you are praying scripture, you are more likely to be praying in alignment with the heart of God.

4️⃣ Pray with and for others. We know that where two or more are gathered together and agree in the Lord’s name, heaven unites in full power behind them. I also believe that what we pray for others and our commitment to that process is highly favored by the Lord. When you do battle in the spiritual realm for others through prayer, God will take notice and reward such selfless faith.

5️⃣ Pray out loud. Words have power, both mentally and spiritually. God spoke the world into being when He could have just willed it. Spoken word has power and authority when allied with Kingdom purpose. You hear it once in the natural, but it ripples across the spiritual, echoing back in ways that transform the physical. It also helps to solidify your belief and transfers into boldness of petition before the Lord. I have started many prayers meekly, but ended up proclaiming boldly by the end when I prayed these prayers out loud.

Reader Questions:
What is something that has helped strengthen your prayer life?
2/ Which of these sounds helpful?

| Kaci

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