#75Hard Day 36: Staying The Course When Life Throws You A Curveball {Vlog}

#75Hard Day 36: Staying The Course When Life Throws You A Curveball

▶️ When we get sick or overwhelmed, it can be difficult not to get discouraged or feel like we are losing ground on healthy habits or changes.
▶️ It’s important to remember that you aren’t taking a break from your healthy habits, but you may need to adjust or pare back some in order to accommodate a busy schedule or getting over an illness.
▶️ Make the best choices you can and make the goal to at least keep yourself in maintenance mode.
▶️ Look at maintaining as an investment in future progress. The alternative is to go off track altogether and that makes restarting all the more difficult.
▶️ Make sure to nourish yourself mind, body, and spirit in order to keep yourself in a positive headspace.
▶️ Don’t waste precious energy on the things you can’t do anything about. Not only is it pointless, it also becomes discouraging.
▶️ Instead choose to focus only on the things you can control.
▶️ Make time for preventative stress management; don’t wait until you are fully drained.
▶️ Sometimes we take our ability to implement healthy disciplines. When you are able to get back to your usual routine, you’ll be even more grateful for those habits which you don’t always feel like doing!

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