#75Hard Day 32: The Happiness Advantage + Gratitude Strategy {Vlog}

#75Hard Day 32: The Happiness Advantage + Gratitude Strategy

▶️ Positive psychology research has shown that it is not success which leads to happiness, but rather happiness that leads to success.
▶️ Knowing this, we can utilize and leverage a positive mindset to our advantage when trying to reach our goals.
▶️ A positive mindset is more creative and more open to trying new things.
▶️ A positive mindset allows you to see the potential benefits found within difficulties and possibility for solutions to be born out of struggles.
▶️ A positive mindset will allow you to believe that you are capable of overcoming and growing.
▶️ One of the easiest ways to cultivate a positive mindset is to implement the practice of gratitude journaling. This can be done in a variety of ways, but my favorite is listing three new things I’m grateful for each day in a small spiral notebook.
▶️ My blog post on gratitude / gratitude journaling that I mentioned can be found here.
▶️ Books mentioned: The Happiness Advantage by @shawnachor and The Obstacle Is the Way by @ryanholiday

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