#75Hard Day 31: Action > Perfect Planning {Vlog}


#75Hard Day 31: Action > Perfect Planning

▶️ Whatever it is you are trying to accomplish, recognize that there is no “perfect” route to achieve it.
▶️ If we are not careful, we can end up perpetually seeking information in order to make the “best” possible decision—at the expense of ever actually taking action.
▶️ The truth is that taking action *is* what clarifies the best avenue, and we only learn what that looks like once we get going and by making adjustments along the way.
▶️ Implementation is what clarifies to us what works best.
▶️ Be willing to take a step, and then another, and another. Gather data and review it and then adjust as you go.
▶️ Remember: “everything is figureoutable” and even of things aren’t what you expected, nothing is undoable. Trust yourself to figure it out!
▶️ @oldpodcast episode link here.
▶️ Blog link here.

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