#75Hard Day 13: Practical Tips On How I’m Implementing Challenge Tasks {Vlog}

#75Hard Day 13: Practical Tips On How I’m Implementing The Challenge Tasks

•Sharing my practical ways for incorporating the daily #75Hard challenge tasks without getting overwhelmed.
•It was important for me to streamline the process and not add more tasks to my day if at all possible from a time standpoint.
•I used strategies like habit pairing, habit stacking, etc. which can also be used when building new habits.
•Using strategies like this when building new habits helps them to stick and be more successful.
•Habit pairing means you do two tasks together at the same time instead of one. Benefit of habit pairing is that since you add the new habit to the old, it doesn’t require you to use extra time, so it doesn’t steal more time from your day. It’s essentially the time equivalent of killing two birds with one stone. So my prayer and walking, for example.
•Habit stacking means that you perform one habit right after the next. The benefit here is that you use one habit to trigger you to do another. So my completion of my morning walk triggering me to take my selfie and post it, for example.
•Habit pairing and stacking both help because you have built in reminders via time or action which serve to help you implement new habits before they have become more automatic.

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