#75Hard Day 6: You Are Not A Tree + Application To Growth {Vlog}

#75Hard Day 6: You Are Not A Tree + Application To Growth

•Do not use your situation as an excuse to stay stuck!
•On my walk this morning, I noticed how some of the trees in my yard were way taller than the others. It seemed to me that once they were up that high they had a major advantage which kept them in that positive situation. They got more sun which meant more rapid growth than those beneath them, which perpetuates their advantage. It makes it very difficult for the trees below to get the sun and growth they also need which means they have a hard time ever hoping to catch up.
•Like these trees, we don’t always get to choose our position. We can’t control all the starting factors. Others may have a leg up. When it seems like you aren’t in as good of a position as others, the good news is that you are not a tree! If you aren’t happy, if you are not getting what you need or want, you can move! You have control over your response to where you are. You aren’t rooted to that spot unless you choose to be.
•If you need help, seek it out! None of us is meant to do this alone!

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