What I Order At Moe’s Southwest Grill + Macro Tracking Tips {Macro Friendly Monday #3}

Remember my recent Carnitas Recipe? Well, I recently discovered that Moe’s serves pork Carnitas and gave them a try. They are phenomenal! Seasoned perfectly and so tender. The macros are fantastic as well. See below where I compare all of the macro friendly meat options! I’m not including the tofu, mojo chicken, or ground beef, because they are all pretty low in protein with 11g or less a serving. The fish is the highest with 20g, but I haven’t tried it; need to soon so I can give a thumbs up or down. My current rankings are: carnitas, steak, then adobo chicken.




I used to get steak and/or the adobo chicken (usually half and half) and the macros on those are great too, but for the flavor and macro profile, I’m a convert to the pork. The funny thing is that pork usually won’t be a very macro-friendly option (especially pulled pork) when dining out. In this case, it is an exception. Always check nutrition info online when you dine out!!

This meal is pretty darn close to the type of lunch I build at home when I have a #MacroMicroBowl (see posts here too: #MacroMicroBowl). I get an “Earmuffs” with no rice and usually no beans (sometimes I do add them, but they aren’t terribly flavorful, so hence usually skipping), Carnitas, grilled onions, grilled bell peppers, grilled mushrooms, lettuce, pico de gallo, tomatoes, cucumbers, cilantro, guacamole, pickled onions (the pink looking things in the picture), and limes to squeeze over the top! This makes a great convenience meal, especially on Sunday’s after church after we make our grocery store run and before I meal prep.

On a week where I may not have time to meal prep, I’m going to keep the side orders of carnitas as a back pocket #MinimalistMealPrep protein option. They sell side orders for a VERY reasonable price!

I typically don’t track the lower calorie things like tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, or cilantro. When tracking this meal, I also track a double serving of guacamole, because they tend to be heavy-handed with that. So this meal is not going to be exact, but it’s close enough that it will help you to stay on track and still include dining out! Macro tracking is an art and a science 😉

Here is what the meal came out to for me:





If you need help with calculating your macros, I offer a 3 month Custom Macro Plan! If you need help with accountability and working on what your personal nutrition plan would look like (i.e. gets you to your goals and is enjoyable and sustainable) we tackle that in my Meal Mastery Mentorship! Or, you canstart with a Meal Mastery Nutrition Audit—I offer a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee!


Reader Questions:
1/ Do you like Moe’s?
2/ What do you usually order?

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