A Few Of My Favorite Things #6 {Healthy Baking Kitchen Essentials}


Sharing a few things that make healthy baking a little bit easier!



Parchment Paper Liners
These are so much more convenient than making your own from parchment paper. Great for making muffins and mini meatloaves. I like these better than the silicone because I don’t have to wash them, but they usually do require to rinse the muffin pan, so it may be personal preference.



Silicone Baking Mats
I have a rectangle one and like using it when I make protein cookies because they won’t stick! You can also use them to keep meat and veggies from sticking without oil. They make round ones that can be used in the microwave.



Wire Cooling Rack
I love that these stack and collapse. Very convenient for storing and not taking up space on the counter while in use.


silicone cups.png

Silicone Baking Cups
These are great for baking as an alternative to parchment liners for non-stick baking, especially the ones that are made in fun shapes! They even make mini Bundt and mini loaf versions too. You can use these for more than baking—they work well for Jell-O, mini meatloaves, custards, and tarts!



Pyrex Round Glass Baking Dishes With Lids
I love making perfectly portioned lunches or baked goods. You can cook/store just about anything them: casseroles, quiches, meatloaves, protein cakes, soufflés, and more. I love that the lids are leak proof. I can use them for meal prep without worrying I’ll spill anything in my 6 Pack Bag. I use them a lot when I make this recipe.



Reader Questions:
1/ Have you used any of these before?
2/ Do any look like they would be useful to you?

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