3 Ingredient Goddess Sauce {Hidden Veggie, Vegan, Dairy Free, Egg Free}

goddess sauce


This recipe was born out of trying to be creative with the current dietary restrictions recommendations I was recently advised on. Trying to see the glass half full and look at this as an opportunity to experiment, rather than view it as missing out on some of my favorite foods that are currently off limits. 😉

Any time I can make food in a blender with minimal ingredients, it is a bonus.

You can use this as you would any creamy type of sauce—on top of pasta, fish, chicken, or veggie noodles. I served mine on top of zoodles and pulled chicken.

3 Ingredient Goddess Sauce


  • 12 oz cooked Butternut Squash, at room temperature *see note* (it was 14 oz before steaming and 12 oz after)
  • 1/4 cup Nutritional Yeast (I like Bob’s Red Mill, Braggs, Red Star, or Hoosier Farm)
  •  3 TBSP Tessemae Green Goddess Dressing **see note** (or 2 TBSP herbs of choice)


Place everything in a high power blender and a puree until smooth. That’s it! You can just reheat it when ready to serve.

If the squash is still warm/hot the steam could cause the lid to pop off the blender and injury and/or splattering may occur.

**When I open the bottle of salad dressing, I pour the oil off and add a bit of water back to the bottle (probably about 1/3 the amount of oil that I discard from the bottle). This saves on calories and makes the flavor more powerful, so you don’t need as much. If you don’t use this method with your dressing, you will likely need to add more herbs as the flavor will not be as strong.

| Kaci



Reader Questions:
1/ Have you ever done an elimination protocol for a specific food or food group?
2/ Have you ever tried nutritional yeast?

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