A Few of My Favorite Things #2 {Convenience Foods}

favorite things

Just stopping in to share some of my favorite products as of late. If you missed the product recommendations in my first post, check it out here!!

This edition of my favorite things is dedicated to some healthy convenience foods for meal prep!

No affiliate links, just sharing the love!



Green Giant Steamable Spaghetti Squash

If you’ve never prepped a spaghetti squash, it might seem intimidating. It is actually quite easy once you know what to do. I did a post about the best method I have found, which is actually the microwave! You can find that here.

While the microwave method for cooking the squash is super easy, these Green Giant steamable bags of spaghetti squash make it even easier! I tried them out this last weekend just to see how they’d be and because they were on sale. Verdict? They are really freaking awesome. I would consider them an uber convenience food for weeks where I had minimal prep time (since it isn’t much more work to cook the spaghetti squash as outlined in my post). Also, it’s cheaper to buy the whole squash and do it yourself. But some weekends the time saved is worth the money spent. For those new to spaghetti squash, it is a good way to find out how you feel about it before jumping into figuring out the full squash.



nourish bowls.png

Nourish Bowls from Mann’s

I recently stumbled upon these gems at Walmart. I’d seen several good reviews and decided to give them a try. I like that they steam in the microwave, so I can grab them for a simple base to build my lunch on by adding a protein source or even extra veggies. For lunches a few weeks back, I added White Queso Chicken Chili* from Dashing Dish to the steamed veggies from a Monterey Risotto nourish bowl (I discarded the brown rice and sauce and just used the steamed veggies).

See all the varieties of nourish bowls here. They also have a $1 off coupon!

*If you want to try this and aren’t a Dashing Dish member, here, here, and here are a few similar recipes! Or, you could join! Katie’s site is the best meal prep and recipe resource I have come across! 😉




Publix Chicken Sausage

The ones shown below are the spinach and feta, but all the flavors I have tried are wonderful! They are good on their own, chopped in marinara sauce, or even on salads. I usually keep a pack or two in the freezer for a last minute meal.




Boiled Eggs

I’ve shared these before, but they are worth mentioning again! It is such a time saver to buy precooked and peeled eggs. They last for a while in the fridge (like a couple months) so they are a great option to always have on hand for something quick to grab when you need it. There are several brands I’ve come across. I find the 6 packs of Eggland’s Best at Publix and even Walmart has a brand in 6 packs and 2 packs!

I love eating them on their own with salt and pepper. Another delicious idea is eating them wrapped in smoked salmon. They are great in egg salad, chicken salad, or chooped on top of salads. My mom also used to slice boiled eggs to top our rye bread toast…so good! If you need boiled eggs for making deviled eggs, I highly recommend using these to save time, but also because they are perfectly peeled without any defects. When I do them myself, I can never get a perfect dozen eggs from a dozen once boiled and peeled!



Reader Questions:
1/ Any convenience food finds that I should know about?
2/ Have you tired any of these before?

| Kaci


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