Kaci’s Currents {October 2017}

Doing something a little different for this Kaci’s Currents and sharing some things that impacted me from around the web this past month!


Not sure what is going on? I know it has been a while since my last Kaci’s Currents post. Let me catch you up to speed!

Kaci’s Currents are mini recap posts designed to give you a glimpse into what’s flowing through my life at the present time and the impact it’s having.

So, you wanna know what’s making waves in my world, see what’s splashing around in my head, and read what’s rockin’ my boat right now?

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This article from Laura Williams on BodyBuilding.com about meal prepping. I love the idea that you don’t have to commit to an all-or-nothing meal prep “Tupperware party” as she so humorously puts it. Great advice to start with the most problematic meal for you and build from there. You know by now that I appreciate small wins for long term sustainability. I agree that you should start with planning and prepping one meal that will give you the most bang for your time.



This devotion written by Alicia Bruxvoort from Proverbs31.org really blessed me. I can look back at so many situations in the course of my life and see how it was a blessing that God said “no” when I prayed for a specific outcome or desire. There is also another part to her story you can read here.

Coincidentally (or not), the BibleGateway.com verse of the day was the same key verse from Alicia’s devotion.



The following content is being shared with permission as it was taken from an email I received from Amanda Wright. Make sure you check out her site and subscribe for more wisdom like this!

In her email, Amanda shared a video from Brené Brown (scroll to watch…the link is below) as well as a synopsis of the video about the anatomy of trust. I’m all about self development and relationship strengthening, and love this so much I had to ask if I could share. If Brené’s message resonates with you, make sure to check out The Marble Jar.

The Anatomy Of Trust” via Amanda Wright

Well, if there is one thing that I know for sure is that one of the most important qualities to healthy friendships and relationships is the value of TRUST.    

Charles Feldman defines trust as, “choosing to make something important to me vulnerable to the actions of someone else.”  He goes on to define distrust as, “when what I have shared as important to me is not safe with you.” 

However, as I mentioned in earlier in this series on girlfriends, you cannot give to others what you don’t have for yourself.

So, not only is this character trait something foundational to your friendships with girlfriends, but it’s also foundational to your relationship with YOURSELF as well.  You can look at this anatomy of trust within YOU and start to find ways to build that up as well! 

So, below you will find the full video teaching of Brene Brown from a talk she gave on Oprah’s Master Class tour.  She honestly is one of the best speakers I have ever listened to, so I would highly advise skipping the the next section of this email and just watch the queen do her thing! 

BUT, in case you’re better at reading for retention, or don’t have the 25-mins handy right now, I will give you the major keys of what she calls 

Trust, she says, is like building up marbles in a jar.  It’s not an either/or character trait where you just have it or you don’t.  You build up trust by many small acts (i.e. marbles) being added one by one until the jar is full.  

Your best friends are the “full jar” friends.  You and she are trustworthy because of dozens of small acts in varying ways.  These varying ways are what Brené’s research has shown to be in these 7-areas—and acronym she coined B. R. A. V. I. N. G.  

B. R. A. V. I. N. G. by Brené Brown

B: BOUNDARIES— First, we have to be the one to establish boundaries (not walls!) with our friends and then this gives them the opportunity to show us if they hold them and respect them.  This will build your ability to trust them more.

R: RELIABILITY— This is really about doing what you say you’re going to do.  Over and over and over again.  One must be aware of their limitations in order to speak with integrity and truth before agreeing to do things.  But, the more people show up when they say they will, the more we can trust them.

A: ACCOUNTABILITY—When you make a mistake you are willing to own it, apologize, and make an amends. And I am allowed to do own it, apologize and make amends.  No accountability = no trust.

V: VAULT— What I share with you, you will hold in confidence and vice versa.  The other side of the vault is when friends share other friends private information to us, then we know they probably do the same about us to others.  We sometimes share secrets about others in order to hot-wire intimacy with a new friend.  But it’s counterfeit trust.

I: INTEGRITY— You must act from a place of integrity and encourage me to do the same.  “This is choosing courage over comfort.  Choosing what is right over what is fun, fast, or easy.  Practicing your values not just professing your values.”

N: NON-JUDGMENT— I can fall apart, be in struggle, and ask for help and not be judged by you and I can do the same thing and not be judged by you.  Often times we can do one or the other.  You must be reciprocal.

G: GENEROSITY— You can assume the most generous thing about my words, intentions, and behaviors.  If I screw up, say something, etc you will be a GENEROUS assumption about me and check it out in that same way.



These Pumpkin Spice Protein Brownies from Kaila at the Healthy Helper Blog on on my to-make ASAP list! They only require 6 ingredients!!!




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