*Home Workout 101* (Part Two): “Stocking” Accessories


I’ll do a follow-up post with some larger items. For now, I thought I’d put together a list of some of the stocking-stuffer sized accessory and ancillary items that I frequently use for my home workouts. It is that time of year…just in case you need some inspiration for your holiday wish list! 😉

Note: These are things I got new, rather than used. For the larger, basic items that are better purchased used, refer to this post.

Disclosure note: I have and use all of these items. There are affiliate links included here. As always, any affiliate links are only attached to things that I personally recommend and would link to for your benefit.

  • Grip pads/gloves: (I have these, because I personally prefer grips to gloves). I rarely do a workout without using these at some point. They make holding dumbbells and barbells much less painful LOL. Also… Muscle on ladies=sexy. Calluses on ladies=not sexy.
  • Resistance bands: Use for assisted pull ups, warm up, alternative to weights, etc.
  • Jump rope: Good for warm-ups and cardio intervals.
  • Water bottle: It is super important to make sure that you stay hydrated while you’re exercising. To me, it is worth paying a little extra for sweat proof and a locking lid so you don’t have a mess. I carry my water bottle everywhere, and don’t need it dripping all over my desk at work, and I am bad about knocking things over.
  • Clicker counter: To keep track of laps, sets, etc. if you’re like me and frequently zone out listening to podcasts, music, audio books, etc. while exercising.

Reader questions:

Do you use any of these? What items are on your holiday wish list?

| Kaci

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  1. SEE! Absolutely NO excuses NOT to work out! 😉

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