Coconut Curry Beef & Power Veggies {Recipe} {Food Finds} {Review}

I did not expect this meal to turn out so amazing. Bonus…it took almost no time to put together!

I recently stumbled across Hope Foods Hummus at my local Publix, and couldn’t pass up trying a few of the flavors when I saw them. Kale Pesto and Thai Coconut Curry. Both were excellent.

Photo Credit: Hope Foods

I love curry, but I don’t like a ton of heat. I prefer to taste the flavor of food and have the heat as an undertone­-not the other way around! This hummus has just the right little kick, which allows for you to taste the coconut and curry, without burning your mouth.

Photo Credit: Mann’s (Veggies Made Easy)

Another recent food find and product/company I am loving lately—> Mann’s Power Veggies. I found these at Wal-Mart. Roasting veggies has become a staple for my meal prep lately, as has the #OneBowlMeal à la @emilynminer. For more inspiration on the #OneBowlMeal go here.

This recipe is definitely not specific as far as portions. Just eyeball it based on how hungry you are 😉


Coconut Curry Beef & Power Veggies



Heat your leftovers in the microwave and top with hummus and spices. Super complicated, I know.

BTW… Hope Foods also has a dark chocolate coconut hummus! And Mann’s has sweet potato ribbons. I must find these ASAP!!

I know one sriracha loving lady who would most likely enjoy the Sriracha Hummus. I am all about some #StrangeButGood, but I’ll pass on the heat!

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