Macro Friendly Mondays — Strawberry Cheesecake Protein Shake!

Want a strawberry milkshake without the sugar crash? I got you! With this recipe, you’ll get 16oz of creamy deliciousness, plus a good amount of protein for under 200 calories! This makes a super easy on the go breakfast or snack. And if you freeze it like soft serve, even a delicious dessert!

🍓10oz ice
🍓3oz frozen dark sweet cherries
🍓2oz water
🍓1 scoop strawberry protein powder
🍓7g jello sugar free cheesecake instant pudding powder
🍓3g starburst all pink strawberry drink mix

Blend until smooth and enjoy!

📝 Notes:
❗️You can also use frozen strawberries, but I found that the dark sweet frozen cherries make it creamier.
❗️Any brand of strawberry protein will work, but I used Equip beef isolate.
❗️White chocolate or vanilla pudding would also work.
❗️Need more protein? Use a scoop and a half or two scoops.
❗️Need less carbs? Use more ice instead of the cherries.
❗️Need more fat? Add shredded coconut, nuts, flax, or chia seeds.
❗️You could also freeze this for 30 to 60 minutes after blending and eat it in a bowl with a spoon like soft serve!

PSA: My #MacroFriendly posts can be used as ideas for those who use a #MindfulMacros approach (AKA not tracking, but structuring meals based on how their body responds best to protein, carbs, and fat) as well. This is the goal place for some to reach after they learn the ropes by tracking for a period of time. Remember, there is no right or wrong way to find your forever way to eat!

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| Kaci

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