Kaci’s Quick Life Tips — “Two-for-One” Toast!

So here’s a little hack for you to upgrade your bread square footage. For any of your favorite breads that come in thick enough slices, you can actually turn ONE slice into TWO. Pictured is Dave’s Killer Bread Raisin’ the Roof, which I find comes sliced anywhere from 1/2 to 3/4 inch thick.

I takes some practice, but if you go slow, you will wind up with two even thin slices. I find that it works best if you slice the slice of bread frozen with a sharp serrated knife.

Why would you do this? Well, variety of reasons. First, you’ll enjoy the extra bread “real estate space” for additions to your toast. Even if you’re like me and your carbs are currently through the roof, it’s a handy method to make room for more toppings! Also, if you’re in a cut or on lower carbs, you’ll get to eat TWO slices for the same macros as one. Meaning that you can actually have a FULL sandwich even if you can only fit one slice of bread into your macro targets.

What’s your favorite way to top toast?

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