#KaciDoesKickStart – The Side Effects of Change!

One of the assignments for KickStart this past week was to come up with our top five side effects of change and write them out. These are essentially all of the other benefits come packaged along with making positive changes (besides just the desired outcomes those changes themselves bring). The purpose of having these handy for review is that you can focus on them when making decisions. That way, you can tie your “in the moment” positive decision to a benefit here now instead of trying to attach it to the larger outcome that might still be farther off and less compelling.

In short, the side effects of change to me, are a side effect of growth! They allow me to live life on purpose and with purpose as Dr. Kashey would say!

My Top 5 Side Effects of Change:
1️⃣ I have more energy and enthusiasm for life. I’m excited about what I get to do and feel gratitude about it instead of feeling resentful. Because of that, I can reflect the love of Christ more faithfully to others and use my mental energy to fulfill a higher purpose because I’m not distracted by lesser things.
2️⃣ I am more efficient, effective, and productive. I’m able to use my skills and resources to contribute meaningfully to the lives of others because my cup is full, I’m not overwhelmed, and actually have extra to give. Because of that, I can make the most of my time on earth to the benefit of Kingdom purpose.
3️⃣ I am able to handle the challenges and curveballs that life throws at me without resorting to harmful coping mechanisms to get me through. I have the self-trust and skills I need to navigate any situation, and I am able to course correct when needed instead of getting knocked off course from my desired destination.
4️⃣ The knowledge, skills, and tools I have acquired translate to other areas of life. Because of that, I am a better wife, friend, daughter, employee, and leader. I am an asset to others, rather than a burden.
5️⃣ I enjoy who I am and who I am becoming as I continue to grow and refine. The relationship I have with myself is now a positive one. I am confident, capable, and able to rely on myself. Because of that, I don’t seek validation from others or lean on them to come to my rescue when faced with a challenge.

Reader questions:
Do any of these resonate with you?
2/ What benefits of change are you interested in achieving?

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