Kaci’s Friday Finds — Powdered Nut Butters + How to Use Them!

I feel like this find is obvious to some, but I still get people who haven’t heard of these products before! It’s basically nuts with most of the fat removed turned into a powder. It is much lower in calories and fat, and high in protein, but tastes very similar to the respective nut from which it is derived. The most common and popular being powdered peanut butter (there’s even a crunchy one!), but they make almond, cashew, and even hazelnut now!

🚨 Note: these should not be confused with things like almond or hazelnut meal, which is actually just the ground up nut and has the same nutrition profile.

You can use them in so many ways!
👉🏼Like flour in baking (similar to how protein powder would swap).
👉🏼Mix it with water to use like peanut butter on apples, bananas, celery, PB&Js, rice cakes, etc.
👉🏼Mix it with sugar-free maple syrup and use as a sauce for things like pancakes or French toast.
👉🏼Add to protein shakes (use with chocolate protein to make a Reese’s type flavor).
👉🏼Stir it in Greek yogurt, oats, or team of rice.
👉🏼Sprinkle it on fluff bowls.
👉🏼Mix it in with milk on your cereal.
👉🏼Use with coconut aminos and seasonings to make savory sauces for a stir fry.
👉🏼Mix with sweetener and cream cheese to make a peanut butter frosting.
👉🏼Use the hazelnut one like you would Nutella.

There are many brands but a few are: PBFit, Kingline, Nuts N More, PB&Me, Barney, Tru-Nut, Flavored PB Co, and even Walmart! Each has slightly different nutrition based on if sweetener is added or not, but I’ve been a fan of @PB2Foods forever! Some brands even have fun flavors like cookie butter, coconut donut, birthday cake, cookies & cream, butterfinger, cinnamon roll, maple waffle, banana nut bread, cookie dough, etc. (swipe to see just a few).

Reader Questions:
1/ Have you tried any of these?
2/ What’s your favorite use?

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| Kaci

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