#75Hard Day 4: Framing Your Habits As A Choice {Vlog}


#75Hard Day 4: Framing Your Habits As A Choice

Where do you need to start saying “I get to” and “I choose to” instead of “I have to?”

✅ The mind and our perception of things harms such and impact on our consistency with and joy in practicing healthy habits. It is interesting to me how I started out already doing many of the things included in this challenge because they brought me joy, but knowing I “had to” made me a bit frustrated with them!

✅ Whenever you attach the label to “have to” to something, it can often feel stifling instead of empowering. This is where I typically recommend people take the consistent, rather than perfect approach. Of course for something like a consistency challenge where you have to meet daily tasks, this can be tricky, but this is also why we only do it for a set period of time.

✅ This is also why I encourage people to pick things which they enjoy and to view it as I “get to” or I choose to. Rather than I “have to.” What you tell yourself about what you are doing matters to your joy and to your follow-through. Look at things as a privilege rather than burden a burden. Things like an injury or illness can bring a new sense of appreciation for being able to eat healthy and move your body, whatever that looks like for you.

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