Kaci’s Friday Find — St. Tropez Self Tan Express Advanced Bronzing Mousse + the Best Tanning Mitts!

Earlier this year I cancelled my membership to the tanning salon. I love the look of being tan, but I know it’s not good for my skin. I tan easy, but I also get white quick and wanted a self-tanner that worked and didn’t smell funky.

Full credit to @Lorifitlife for introducing me to this product! I absolutely love the mousse and the quick results you get. She has an entire highlight dedicated to how to apply it and I highly recommend you watch it (here) if you’re going to use it. Also, you have to use a mitt; no exceptions! Unless you want brown hands and nails! 😜

I was disappointed with the mitt that came with it as it tore up after about three uses. My finger poked a hole in several places along the seam. You do not want that to happen with this product, or you will end up with stained hands! See below the ones that I ordered to replace it and absolutely love (you can get them here). There’s no way my finger is going to poke through the hole on the seams of this one! Plus, you have a separate mitt for the face. As an added bonus they were actually cheaper than the original one and had free shipping. I purchased them on Amazon and the St. Tropez at Ulta, but you can get the St. Tropez on Amazon (here) as well. I just did not want to wait once I saw her post about it! 😂

Lori also said that Ulta is doing 50% off of it and does run that promo every so often, so that would be the best price. It is $44 though their site and on Amazon. Oh and just a heads up that the Ulta coupon that comes in the mail was not applicable to the tanner (they have brand exclusions and that was one). But if you snag it while it is 50% off that is the way to go!


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