Kaci’s Friday Find — Healthy Mind Healthy Body Podcast!

I was over the moon excited to find a new podcast earlier this week!

It’s @AllisonRolston Healthy Mind Healthy Body Podcast!

Not only is she a fellow Physician Assistant, but she is a woman of faith! The information that she covers is right up my alley! I love how she incorporates science, Biblical truth, and medicine to cover health and mindset related topics! If you are familiar with @DrCarolineLeaf, she has a very similar approach. I totally geek out on that kind of stuff 🤓

If you are interested in the content I share, I’m sure you will love her podcast! Give Allison, her podcast, and her blog a follow!

If you aren’t familiar with Dr. Caroline Leaf, I recommend her podcast and books as well.

P.S. I would love to have a podcast like this one day!


Reader Questions:

1/ Did you come across anything new this week I need to know about?
2/ What’s your current favorite podcast?

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