A Few of My Favorite Things #5 {Seasonings + Spices}

favorie things


I think the biggest struggle for people wanting to make changes to their diet is finding ways to enjoy veggies and healthier/leaner types of meat. In my experience, the single most important factor to enjoying these is flavor!! Flavor can be easy to add, however, it can often come at the expense of calories (i.e. sauces, condiments, cooking fats, etc). While those have their place in moderation, I think the majority of people want to know how to add flavor without adding a lot of calories.

Enter spices and seasonings!! 

I have found a few spices that work well on almost all vegges and meats, so I always keep them on hand.

A few notes:
1/ Some of these may not necessarily have the “cleanest” of ingredients lists. Buuuut…IMHO, if a few convenience options will help someone consume more vegetables and lean meat, and to actually enjoy them, I think it’s well worth utilizing them. #ChooseYourBattles

2/ If you are someone dealing with a specific health condition like high blood pressure, it might truly matter to monitor sodium intake in your diet. If not, it really is not something that the average person has to worry about. Yes, most Americans need to be aware of salt intake, especially those hidden in packaged, canned, and frozen foods. Sodium is added to these not only for flavor, but also because it helps preserve the food and extend the “shelf life.” If you are starting with whole, fresh foods, then adding these kinds of seasonings won’t be worth stressing over, since they won’t have added sodium in them the to start off.



Maple Bacon seasoning from The Fresh Market:
This is amazing on green beans and roasted butternut squash. I am sure it would be good on meat too! The package has instructions on how to use it for marinades, or as a dry rub. A little sweet, a little kick, and…who doesn’t love bacon!?




Perfect Pinch Salad Supreme Seasoning from McCormick:
I love this on fresh chopped veggies (baby carrots, cucumbers, etc) instead of using salad dressing for dipping. It is also good on hard boiled eggs and on salads.




Cavender’s Greek Seasoning:
I love this on chicken, fish, green beans, and on all my oven-roasted veggies! It is so versatile! Warning on this one—do not buy the salt free!! Squinting Face With Tongue on Apple iOS 11.3




Weber Chicken ‘N Rib Seasoning:
Besides the obvious meat seasoning uses, this one is great on roasted veggies.


McCormick Garlic and Herb:
I discovered this one when I visited my BFF a couple years ago. I love it on fried eggs!! It is also good on meats, or adding to soups and to veggies.





Reader Questions:
1/ What are some of your favorite go-to seasonings?
2/ Have you tried any of these?


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