2 Ingredient “Creamed” Spinach {Low Calorie, Hidden Veggie, Vegan and Dairy-free Option}

creamed spinach

This is one of those “I need something at the last minute” recipes that takes just a few minutes and a microwave to be ready. It is great because you can keep the ingredients on hand in the freezer for when you might need them. No worrying with taste-testing spices since the Green Giant creamed cauliflower is already seasoned!

You can serve it as is, or dress it up with Parmesan cheese or seasoned breadcrumbs and broil just before serving. The other thing I love about it is that it doubles as a spinach dip! Whether you need a last minute side dish or appetizer, just keep these two things on hand in your freezer and you’ll be all set!

2 Ingredient “Creamed” Spinach:

2 packages of Green Giant frozen mashed cauliflower (I like Cheddar and Bacon)
1 Package of Frozen Chopped Spinach (I used the 15 oz steam-in-bag from Publix)

1/ Cook spinach according to package directions.
2/ Squeeze of excess liquid.
3/ Cook cauliflower according to package directions one box at a time.
4/ Mix spinach and cauliflower in a serving bowl.

Optional Variations:
-Top with cheese or seasoned breadcrumbs and brown under the broiler.
-Mix in a can of drained artichoke hearts.
-Add chopped or shredded cooked chicken for a complete meal.
-To make vegan, dairy free, and gluten free, swap the flavored mashed cauliflower for plain cooked cauliflower (I like using 2 bags of the frozen riced steam-able kind). Once cooked and slightly cooled, process with a few TBSP of unsweetened non-daily milk (almond, coconut, cashew, etc.) in a food processer or blender until smooth. Keep in mind you’ll need to add seasonings of choice to taste.



Note: This is not a sponsored post. Just sharing the products I use and love!



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shepherd's pie



Reader Questions:
1/ Have you tried any of the the mashed cauliflower flavors from Green Giant yet?
2/ Have you ever made mashed cauliflower yourself?

3 Comments Add yours

  1. lynnembw says:

    Leftovers were great as a spinach dip too.

  2. pglooney says:

    I make mashed cauliflower all the time! This is so great! Id sit down with a big bowl of this anytime

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