{Last Minute} Holiday Gift Guide


holiday gift guide

Christmas is right around the corner, and if you’re anything like me you might find that you still have some shopping left to do (and also find yourself at a loss for gift ideas for certain people on your list). 😳

I had every intention of going Christmas shopping yesterday evening. I knew I would have some extra time since I got to leave work a little early because of a training day. I was already going to be downtown by all  the stores and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity! As it turns out, Alabama weather had other plans. Hard to believe, but it is actually snowing here!


snow day
Not my typical front porch view!


Unless the weather decides to cooperate, I may just end up doing the majority of my shopping online. Truth be told, this is fine by me, as then I can avoid holiday crowds and long shopping lines! The only downside is that shopping online can make it more difficult to come up with ideas since you don’t have the benefit of exploring all the store aisles for inspiration.

Whether you choose to brave the holiday crowds or not, this list will hopefully offer you some inspiration for those last minute gifts you may need for those on your list.

Now, if anyone has ideas for what to get a 1 year old, a 2 year old, or a 6 year old, please tell me!! 🤔

Disclosure: I have included some affiliate links, but all products/brands, as always (unless otherwise stated) are those I use, trust, and love.


air fryer

Air Fryer: I got the NuWave Brio a couple months ago and love making crispy veggie “fries” in it! My favorites are green beans and sweet potatos. It pre-heats super fast (usually before I have the food ready to go in!) and cooks things really quickly too. My coworker also has an air fryer and she and her husband have both successfully cooked meat in theirs. I have not ventured past veggies yet. 😂


milk frother

Automatic Milk Frother: I have the Capresso Froth Max and highly recommend it for any coffee lover! This little thing REALLY works! I wanted something that worked to steam and froth milk. I didn’t want to purchase a larger unit that had one as an attachment, because I already had a nice Keurg that we got as a gift and didn’t need the brewing station. I was skeptical about how well a stand alone unit would work, but it has far exceeded my expectations!!

audibleAudible.com Membership: You can gift monthly membership credits to those with an account or to those who aren’t yet members. I really enjoy listening to audible books on my commute and this is the only way I have time to “read” these days. Once you purchase an Audible book, you have access to it for life, even if you cancel your membership. This was a big factor for me in choosing Audible over just purchasing an audio book. I love that I have a digital library forever, without having to take up any shelf space with CDs, which I inevitably scratch and destroy.

A few of my recommendations:
The Obstacle is The Way
The Slight Edge
The 5 Second Rule
The Compound Effect
The Happiness Advantage
Start With Why
Better Than Before


electric blanket

Electric Blanket: I have one for the couch and one for my bed! This time of year, this is an essential for me! I really like SunBeam. They work well and are affordable!




Pyrex Glass Storage/Bakeware: I have a baking set similar to the one above. I also love the smaller storage containers for meal prep. Glass really holds up better than metal for baking ( I find my meatal pans rust as much as I use them). With the added concern over what is in plastic containers and if it gets absorbed by our food, you may find additional motivation to switch to glass food storage.


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Reader Questions:
1/ Do you have any of the items I shared?
2/ Do you still have Holiday shopping left to do?



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