An Egg-cellent #WIAW 4 + Super Simple Meal Prep



It’s been a while since I’ve done a #WIAW post! Since I actually had the forethought to take photos of a full day’s eats, I decided I should join the party again after my hiatus.

This #WIAW is also a testament to the fact that a meal prep for the week does not have to involve a ton of time in the kitchen. In fact, I spent a total of 20 minutes putting together my lunches for the week—that’s including cooking time! I use the term “cook” loosely, as everything in the prep was microwave “cooked,” except for the breakfast scramble.

Some weeks I prep more things from scratch. Other weeks, not so much…because life. I don’t always have time, or if I do have extra time, I don’t always want to use it on cooking. There are ways to plan ahead and prepare without needing to cook everything from scratch.

Here is a look at how I do that! As you can see, I also ended up eating a plethora of eggs/egg whites this week. Eggs are such a good source of protein. They are also super versatile.



Beef, egg white, and cilantro scramble with Hope Foods kale pesto hummus 🤤

Pre-workout / Meal 1: I actually cooked this meal without a microwave! It was still so easy to throw together for my meal prep! I promise it tastes better than it looks 😂

Method for the scramble: Sauté meat in a pan on the stove with cilantro until the meat is cooked / browned. Add eggs or egg whites and cook until set / most of the liquid cooks off. That is it…you’re done! It’s that simple! You can also add veggies for extra bulk/volume if desired. For 6 day’s worth of breakfasts (about 4 oz of the scramble), I used 1 lb 96/4% lean beef and about 1.5 cups liquid egg whites. I used 1 container of Gourmet Garden cilantro. You can find it in the cooler at Wal-Mart or Publix. You can also find the Hope Food’s Hummus at Wal-Mart or Publix.





Postworkout / Meal 2: Boiled Eggs and an Rx Bar. I like to eat my boiled my eggs with salt and pepper. I buy pre-boiled eggs so I don’t have to worry about peeling them! Another time saver!

They are also good for when you need to make deviled eggs and want them to look nice. It is so hard to get enough pretty boiled eggs when you boil peel them yourself!!

boiled eggs

I buy my RxBar’s online or at Publix.  Besides the fact that they taste delicious, I love these bars for several reasons! First, they are made with very minimal, whole food ingredients. Second, they have a good balance of carbs, fat, and protein. Finally, the protein source that they use is… you guessed it …egg whites! Why is that a good thing? Well, the protein sources that most companies use in protein bars are heavily processed. A lot of them use whey, soy, rice, pea, or hemp. These protein sources themselves are not bad, per say, but some of the other ingredients are. While there are several other brands I use and enjoy, I try to limit how much of the really processed protein bars I consume. Egg whites are a complete protein and for most people, can be tolerated well. Some people aren’t able to tolerate other packaged protein bars due to the other ingredients in the bars (the fillers, artificial sweeteners, binding agents, etc.), but Rx Bars have only real food ingredients.



Teriyaki chicken, Asian veggies, steamed kale and spinach, and yam.


Lunches / Meal 3: Tyson teriyaki chicken, Bird’s Eye Asian Medley steamed veggies, steamed kale and spinach, and a yam patty. You can find the Tyson chicken in the frozen section at Publix or Sam’s club. It is fully cooked and already seasoned which makes it a super simple protein source. I also like that it is dark meat! Most frozen chicken is breast meat, but I prefer dark meat. They are skinless and boneless too! Some of them have a little fat still, but it is easy to trim off once cooked. I also go the steamed veggies and tams at Wal-Mart. I use fresh bags of baby kale and spinach that you find in the section with the lettuce/salad and just steam them.

chickenveggies  yams  baby spinach and kale.png




Mid-Afternoon snack: Baby carrots!



Dinner / Meal 4: A sweet omelette (made with Muscle Egg flavored egg whites and Devotion Nutrition flex flavors) and either green beans or edamame. Weird combo, but satisfies my late night sweet tooth and salty cravings. Plus it takes minimal time since I don’t get home until after 7pm. I get the PictSweet edamame that steam in the microwave and are already salted.


 Thanks to Laura for hosting Jenn’s WIAW linkup!

Reader Questions:
1/ Do you eat eggs often?
2/ What is your favorite way to eat them?
| Kaci

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  1. I go through phases with my eggs. Sometimes I eat them everyday for breakfast. I like scrambled whites or my eggs runny. I don’t like them hard-boiled. Those yam had these look amazing! I have never seen anything like that but I think I would love that! I love sweet potatoes.

    1. I love my yolks runny when I cook eggs in a pan! I definitely also go through phases with eggs too.
      The yam patties are fantastic! Perfect little 2 oz portions. I also love using them in protein shakes/smoothies with PB 2 and chocolate protein powder/cocoa powder. Something about the texture of them blended up pairs so perfectly with the chocolate peanut butter combo. Since they’re already frozen, they’re great for using that way!

  2. I eat eggs basically every day. I’d eat them every meal if Vegas would go for it! Speaking of, I haven’t made a sweet omelet in so long. Next time she goes out of town, that’s totally what I’m making!

    1. Sweet omelettes (I’m not sure if I’m spelling that right?!) are where it’s at!

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