Fruit Loops #BOSS Recipe

This combo was SO good! If you liked Fruit Loops as a kid, you have got to try this. If you didn’t, I’m not sure that you can be trusted! 😂

I posted this recipe on Instagram, but wanted to make sure I shared it here too, as it was awesome. For those of you new to the #BOSS (aka Big ‘Ole Smoothie Shake), it is basically the love child of a protein shake and a fruit smoothie. Healthy carbs, full of protein, and in this case, tastes just like the childhood cereal. Unlike a bowl of Fruit Loops, the Fruit Loops #BOSS actually offers the nutritional value of a balanced meal!

For the Fruit Loops #BOSS, blend the following:


| Kaci


Reader Questions:
1/ What was your favorite childhood cereal?
2/ Have you ever tried flex flavors or muscle egg flavored egg whites? If so, what is your favorite way to use them?

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