Pumped-Up Hummus (#StrangeButGood)


I am always looking for a way to get the most out of my time spent in meal prep. If I can prep one item and meet two needs, it is a real time saver!

I came up with the idea for this recipe in an effort to give my hummus an extra “boost” of protein. That way, I could avoid having to prep an additional protein source for my meal. While I don’t meticulously track calories, I keep a fairly good account of my intake with the LoseIt! application. This has really helped me to make sure I am meeting my macros for gaining lean muscle (one of my main fitness goals).

You can use your favorite hummus for this recipe. I usually make my own, but was running short on time and used pre-made.

I love that the addition of the egg whites and cottage cheese resulted in a less dense and almost whipped-style final product!





1 container (17 oz) Sabra Garden Hummus

460g liquid egg whites(or the whites of 10 eggs)

150g Fat Free Cottage Cheese

½ tsp smoked paprika

¼ tsp garlic salt


1/ Cook the egg whites in a frying pan sprayed with cooking spray until set(like you would make an omelet, but just flip and cook through without stuffing and folding).

2/ Allow to cool for a few minutes after cooking.

3/ Place the cooked egg whites and all remaining ingredients in a blender or food processor and run until smooth.

4/ Serve with raw veggies, rolled up in deli meat, as a spread on wraps/sandwiches, or however else you like to use your hummus!!


Feeling really experimental? Try this: cook 2 eggs over-easy, then top with some diced tomatoes, hummus, a couple crumbled Morningstar Farms veggie sausage links (or your turkey/chicken/veggie sausage of preference) and a TBSP or two of nutritional yeast! I know it sounds odd, but if you are a fan of runny yolks, it is pheNOMenal!!


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Reader Question:

What is your favorite hummus flavor?

| Kaci

3 Comments Add yours

  1. This sounds delicious and easy! Thanks for sharing it. Happy New Year!

  2. Whoa… mind = blown. This is really, really cool (in a #strangebutgood way). I want to run out and buy some hummus right now!

  3. Hayley says:

    Wow great idea!!

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