Kaci’s Fridays Finds — Adjustable Net Ping Pong Set!

OK so technically this is a #KacisFridayFinds find courtesy of my husband! I mentioned to him recently that I was sad we gave away the ping pong table my mom offered to us when she was cleaning out her garage. I have lots of fond memories associated with that ping pong table circa high school years playing with friends in our garage. The issue was that we really did not have the space for it, so he donated it to a local charity. You might be wondering where this story is headed, but I promise it comes together!

So, my husband and I stay quite busy with work stuff. We both love what we do, and of course, there’s always something else that could be done. He works for himself and I work from home which makes unplugging a challenge. This means it can be hard to find time to connect with one another and honestly, to just let ourselves disconnect from being in productivity mode. We had been looking for something to do that would be relaxing for both of us, and I had a moment of regret that this could’ve been it! Anyhow, I mentioned how I was sad because ping pong would’ve been a fun way to spend a little playtime together, but we both agreed that there was no place for the table. About a week later, he surprised me with this set! It converts any table into a ping pong table as long as it is close enough to the size you would need! Since then we have set a standing date for at least 30 minutes of ping-pong on Sunday evening. In total transparency, he kicks my tail almost every single time! However, it’s very nostalgic for me and we both enjoy it. Hopefully I’ll get better with more practice!

This set is currently sold on Amazon for about $20, so this would be a fantastic inexpensive purchase, especially for those with kids!

We are still looking for other activities like this to add in to our downtime, so if anyone has suggestions, drop them in the comments! Even if they’re more restorative suggestions, I would love it!

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