I Praise You!

In the arena of body image, we are often told to view ourselves with body positivity; as a wonderful work created by God. While this is certainly true, I think we need to shift the perspective off of us and onto Him when doing so.

As women of faith, we are called to respect and honor our body. Whether we struggle with negative body image, or put too much worth in our body image, the same truth applies. The Lord wants us to steward it well and to be grateful for the gift He’s given us in the function of our form. He does not however, call us to be hyper-fixated on it because it is not the point. He is.

I have personally walked through a very negative body image secondary to the hurtful words of others I experienced in middle school. Body positivity did nothing to truly heal the wounds at the root of the issue. The only thing it did was lead me down the rabbit hole of idolizing body image and focusing on trying to improve my body, rather than honoring God by honoring it. That fixation led to seeking my worth outside of my identity in Christ and eventually even ED.

When I finally understood the need for taking my eyes off of myself and focusing on my walk with the Lord and adding value to the lives of others by serving them, my perspective truly shifted. We are to be instruments of God, not ornaments of physical form. Our body is just one of the many tools God equips us with, but it is not called to be where treasure lies. We are not to berate it and we are not to elevate it.

So yes, remember that you are fearfully and wonderfully made, but don’t forget the 4 words preceding this in Psalm 139:14 “I praise You because…”

The basis of all my nutrition coaching with my clients is through this filter of faith. I don’t believe the two can be separated. God wants to be involved in EVERY area of our life—our health is not excluded! Involving God is one of the key components to success when it comes to finding a place of healthy, God-honoring balance with eating and activity. The world says you need extremes to see results, but that is just actually the opposite of what works. If that were the case, people would lose weight and keep it off, but the majority don’t precisely because they don’t approach it from a standpoint of sustainability. Satan uses the world tactics and philosophies to keep us ties up and distracted from what matters. There is a middle ground of not over-doing it, not under-doing it, but finding a place that help you function at your best so that you can fulfill the higher calling on your life. If you need help breaking free, I’m here to walk with you to food freedom!

This issue of Satan’s attack on women in the areas of body image and health is something I will be covering in much more detail in my book! It isn’t by accident that we struggle so much with those things as women. We have a real enemy with a real objective—to steal, kill, and destroy and to keep us from walking in freedom and abundant life. He uses methods he knows will keep us from God’s best. 

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Are you ready!? Let’s get growing!


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