Kaci’s Friday Find — SheWorksHISWay Membership


I get asked often if I have a coach. I think people sometimes think coaches don’t have coaches, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. The further along you want to go, the more you will need the support, encouragement, and wisdom of others—especially those who have previously walked in the direction you are headed.

Depending on what the main need for growth or focus is in my life at a given time, the type of coaching I invest in financially might vary. I’ve paid for coaching for things like nutrition, exercise, business, honing in on a skill, spiritual counseling, etc. A few months ago, a friend of mine and I decided to join she works HIS way. This is a faith-based membership for women who desire to put God first in their life, faithfully serve their family; many who also feel called to a specific area of business and desire to approach it God’s way. It’s so much more than that though. It’s learning to live with a Matthew 6:33 mindset. It’s learning to use the tools of productivity and strategizing from a biblical perspective. It’s a community of women cheering and championing one another through a closed Facebook group. It’s leaders @michellemyers and @somerdawnphoebus giving us real and raw truth which we can implement in our lives and businesses. We have weekly zoom calls which are either topic specific, Q&A, or an interview with other Christian leaders (and occasionally some fun little games😏). There’s dozens of archived classes to watch and @teeny_p makes the best PDFs and downloadable tools!

Membership is month to month, or annually, with a bit of a price break for paying for the year upfront, which is what I did! I wasn’t sure if this investment would be something I’d use, but it provided more value in the first few days than what I paid for the whole year. I’m so glad I made the decision to join! If you want a taste of the wisdom provided, they have the free swHw app which provides daily devotionals Monday-Friday from some pretty rad Christian authors. You can also watch a free class on the site! Check it out at sheworksHisway.com!

Questions? Lemme know!


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