The Hope In Joseph’s Story

The Hope In Joseph’s Story:

“Things may look bleak in human terms, but can end up
being totally different when our God comes into the picture.”

This time of year, we read a lot of devotions about Mary and the beautiful humility she exhibited in response to the Lord. I won’t deny that I still have so much to learn in this regard, but I would like to share a valuable lesson we can learn from Joseph.

While Joseph is a character who never spoke a word that was recorded in Scripture, his character speaks volumes based on his decisions. Something that jumped out at me recently was how he “considered” the situation after he found out that his young bride-to-be was pregnant (see Matthew chapter 1). I mean, put yourself in his shoes… You likely would not assume the best in this situation, right!? It’s not as if you would jump to the conclusion that your fiancé was pregnant as a result of immaculate conception. This is not a precedent that had ever been set before. So the fact that he would even consider the situation is astounding. It is clear that he made plans to break off the marriage, but to do so quietly. Because there was time for the angel to visit him and communicate God’s presence in the situation, we know that he did not act in haste or out of emotional charge. Despite the fact that it looked as though he had been betrayed, he remained faithful to do the most gracious, loving, and just thing. His response was much reflective of what his Son came to do while on this earth.

Friends, I don’t know what situation you’re facing today, but the reality is that we cannot take things at face value. There are always things happening in the spiritual realm, some of which we sense, but much of which we will never be aware of. I believe that we should take a cue from this man who the Lord deemed worthy to raise His Son while He spent his time on earth. Let us pause and consider what God is up to before making a final decision. Let us make room for the Lord to speak before we move forward in human wisdom. Remember the promise of Romans 8:28 when your situation looks bleak. The Lord will work all things together for your good. Even what the enemy intends for evil, the Lord can work into a miracle on your behalf.

If you find yourself in a situation that is overwhelming you today, please reach out in an email and let me know so I can cover you in prayer!

If you have a story about how things looked bleak in human terms, but ended up being totally different once our God came into the picture, please share below to help encourage others, please do so! It helps to know we aren’t alone in the chaos!

Merry Christmas!


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