Kaci’s Friday Find — Cauliflower Pretzels by From the Ground Up Snacks


Cauliflower Pretzels?! Yup!


I found these Whole Foods and had to give them a try! They are super macro-friendly and taste like pretzels! My hubby even said he thought they tasted better than pretzels. He was eating some of the “real” kind at the time he tried them, so that is a pretty big deal—especially since he is hit or miss with alternative items like this.

See below for macros and ingredients; they have more veggies than just cauliflower!


I’m going to be on the hunt for some of their other products now. I checked out their site. They make cauliflower crackers, star shaped snacks, tortilla chips, and straws. Some pretty fun flavor varieties including nacho, pizza, lime, etc. They also make butternut pretzels and crackers too! Hopefully my local stores will carry them soon! If you go to their site and sign up for their email they give you a 20% off code to use on Amazon!

Reader Questions:
1/ Have you seen or tried these or any of their other snacks yet?
2/ Would you if you haven’t?

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