The Hard Work



Everyone is looking for the shortcut to their goal. Nobody wants to hear that the only shortcut *is* to do the work. Period.


The irony is that our happiness is actually found within the pursuit of the goal, not at the attainment of it. The more psychology studies human happiness and behavior, the more more clear this has become. We also know that the easier something comes, the less it is enjoyed. Conversely, the more difficulty encountered in pursuit of something, the more rewarding and appreciated it is when finally completed or achieved.


I think back on the things I’ve gone through that I would have wished away at the time. They have provided me some of the greatest opportunities for learning and growth that would never have been available otherwise.


So, while it may be frustrating to learn that there really are no shortcuts or substitutions for hard work, it is also comforting to know that we were built and wired for the effort required. We wouldn’t be satisfied without it.


P.S. I quoted my husband, because whoa the man has some wisdom inside him 🤯


| Kaci




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