Friday ONLY – KickStart Exclusive $1000 In Bonuses! Reserve Your Seat NOW to Claim This Sweet Deal!

Psssst! I have a secret!

There’s a Black Friday offer coming and it is going to be EPIC! I wanted YOU to have advanced warning from the general public since it will be first come, first serve until spots are gone!

If you have thought about joining the December 12th round of KickStart, Black Friday is the day to do it! We will ONLY be offering this on Friday!

OK so here’s all the details!

Complementary Black Friday add-ons include about $1000 worth of bonuses for anyone who enrolls in the December 12th round of KickStart ON Friday at the $1497 payment option.

The bonuses that will ‘KickStart’ your success include:
🔥 Early access to your KickStart facilitator and a coaching call to help you target what you can do to see results even before the official start date.
🔥 A 12 week training program written specifically to work in conjunction with the 12 week KickStart program. 
🔥 The Power Foods of the Pros nutrition course. This is a 6 part video course (also includes written curriculum). In the course, Dr. Kashey outlines on how exactly to utilize the 28 day dietary elimination program which is designed to jumpstart your results. It also includes the Power Foods list with easy scan barcodes for tracking and a PDF cookbook, in addition to the dietary plan itself.

🔥 A box of exclusive surprises, goodies, and tools to set you up for success.

If you know you want to enroll, shoot me a text at 512-982-4306 with your full name and email saying that you want the Black Friday KickStart offer. Then when it goes live on Friday, I will text you with details on how to enroll and lock in your spot. No phone call necessary! That way you can get everything taken care of while fitting in other fun Black Friday shenanigans! 

Questions? Text me! 512-982-4306
I can’t wait to see how we can get you set up for success!

| Kaci

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