#MealMasteryMentorship Client Spotlight!

#MealMasteryMentorship client spotlight!

This client has been working hard over the last 3 months to consistently practice healthy eating from a sustainable approach, rather than to rely on previous diet mentality which left her on the yo-yo cycle path. She has implemented macros and strength training and her hard work has paid off! Not only does she enjoy how she’s eating (she even able to eat dessert every day thanks to the membership I include for all my client to Dashing Dish!) but she is experiencing a new mindset toward food and a freedom from a boring and restrictive “diet” type of approach.

Beyond that, she has deepened her walk with the Lord and has experienced a renewing of her mind like never before. In sharing her excitement over progress she talks as much about—that if not more—than she does the physical transformation. She is thrilled with her deepened confidence in her identity in Christ. Now she’s looking ahead towards some of her big life goals and believing she can accomplish that as well! I can’t wait to see all that she will ultimately do!

This is how I approach working with my clients. A foundation rooted in the Lord, a mindset renewed, the outside transformed. When I say the outside transformed, I don’t just the physical body, but the trajectory of your life. You were never meant to live in bondage to the worries of this world, but to produce good fruit and have an impact on those around you. You were meant to walk with confidence in Christ and fulfill your God-given purpose!

If you think this might be a path you’d like to walk, feel free to reach out to me here, or head here for more info.

Are you ready? Let’s get growing!


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