Healthy “Hash Browns”



I have not always been a “healthy” eater. In middle school and high school, I could put away some hash browns. Walffle House, McDonald’s, Hardee’s, etc., and always drowning in ketchup, because #Basic 😂

Nowadays, I still enjoy crispy potatoes, but with actual nutritional value—and without all the grease 🤢

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Healthy “Hashbrowns”

1/ Steam a bag of Green Giant riced cauliflower and sweet potatoes in the microwave for 5 minutes.
2/ Squeeze off extra liquid if needed (I’ve found that some bags have more liquid than others, sometimes you won’t need to drain at all).
3/ Line a pan with aluminum foil and spray with cooking spray. Spread the riced veggie mix evenly and spray with cooking spray again. You can sprinkle with seasoning of choice, if desired (I like Cavender’s Greek Seasoning).
4/ Broil on low for 20+ minutes (until crispy).
5/ Enjoy with Heinz low sugar ketchup!






| Kaci




Reader Questions:
1/ Do you like hash browns?
2/ Have you ever tired to make them healthier?

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  1. @RebekahKFit says:

    Yummy idea! I’m with ya- i ate SO bad from age 10-25. Like blizzards/ice cream (the real stuff) everyday. I could easily spend $20 at onenof those “self serve” frozen yogurt shops where you pay by the ounce. Lol.
    Finding the protein ice cream has been a life saver for me!!!

    1. Girl! We are kindred spirits!! I just had no clue about eating healthy until later in life. Story of my early life and collage days—Buffets, soda, candy, pizza, ice cream, oh, and Chinese! 😂
      Even after I learned more about eating healthy (I have a degree in nutrition!!) I *still* struggled with disordered eating behaviors. My bad eating timeframe is pretty much the same as yours. Also, I agree that the protein ice cream bowls are a lifesaver!! I have one I’m eating all the time now that I need to post the recipe for on here. Can’t get enough!!
      I love all your recipes for protein treats too! So simple and healthy!!

      1. @RebekahKFit says:

        Yes! Same! I studied nutrition in college but it wasn’t til i was 25/26 that I really started trying to apply it! Lol… And it still has taken me about 8yrs now to unlearn old disordered habits and eat healthily!

      2. Wow girl! We really do have similar backgrounds!

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