Thoughts on Focus and Success


Society has trained us to believe that “busy” is normal… that success is only born of burning the candle at both ends.
I would agree that going all in on things is necessary to make big changes at certain times, but focus is finite—you have to choose where it goes.
Most of the time, we do better with simple, consistent effort, repeated over time.
Divided attention is not efficient.
Being busy is not the same as being productive.
You have to give up on the idea of perfection.
More than that, you have to relinquish the thought that you will ever be capable of crushing it across all areas of your life at any one given time.
That picture of success (if you hold it) is actually an illusion.
There are ebbs and flows; times of give and take.
It is unrealistic to expect that everything will be ‘just right’ in all seasons.
Allow yourself the grace to focus on what deserves the most attention at that time.
Beyond that, simply do the best you can with everything else, and don’t allow discouragement to overcome you.

To do that is the true picture of success.

| Kaci

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