Thoughts On #RestBasedLiving

Happy Friday!

Friday means it’s almost the weekend. This makes me happy, because on weekends, scenes like the above occur. Tabb the #CatDog + a #MacroMicroBowl + #GSD + hubby usually not far away = 👌perfection👌

More and more I’m learning the importance of minimizing stress—BEFORE it hits. I know that I have to be diligent about the practice of preemptive rest and preemptive stress reduction in order to:

1/  Be at my best self for others.

2/  Enjoy anything I’m doing.

I don’t think most of us acknowledge the importance of rest or even realize the level of stress we allow to enter our lives. In a society that praises multitasking and busyness, that’s hard to do. We tend to push the limits of our bodies physically and our minds mentally and then wonder why we are never settled. We can’t predict when life will throw us a curve ball, so this is why keeping a reserve is so important.

So what are some steps you can take?
1/ Make time for things you love. (I know I’m much more mentally prepared for my day after a good lifting session).
2/ Don’t be afraid to tell others “no.” (You can’t do everything! A legit no is better than a half-hearted acceptance).
3/ Make space for mental stillness and quiet. (I love getting up early to do this).

If you learn to practice preemptive stress relief and you’ll be able to manage the curve balls when they come at you with more grace and less detriment to your mental space.

My current undertaking (my “work in progress” practice) is getting into bed a half hour earlier. Extra sleep is always needed here, and I am not usually diligent about getting it. Remember that as you are implementing a new habit, you won’t always get it 100% of the time. Give yourself the same grace that you would give others.

| Kaci

Reader Question:

What’s one thing you either currently practice or think you could implement that helps/would help you to decompress some of the excess tension that builds up in your life *before* it gets to the point of overwhelm? Tell me below!👇

Thank you to Amanda for hosting the linkup!

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